Dubai is a perfect paradise of wonders. It is one of the central emirates of UAE with all accessibility. This is a great destination to see lots of beautiful things and the tourist corner of attractions are lot here. Dubai ahs now completely made to a man mad wonders still you can see the natural beauty of old dubai in bastakia. There are also other nature filled beauties at dubai like beaches, mountains, hilltops, deserts, forests and more where you can explore. This would be a great destination for you to enjoy the modern as well as the natural aspects. This would be an amazing destination for kids too to spend their time outing and playing at parks, visiting zoos and enjoying rides at water parks. If you are being once to dubai, you will really make your second visit soon, that much you will be attracted to this awesome destination.

Spots to explore:

  • Palm Island at dubai would be a great spot which you would really astonished to see the beauty creation of man. The islands are constructed in such a way that you will really fell in love with its beauty. The seven islands make the palm island and it is one of the wonderful destinations to visit, enjoy and explore. Never ignore this destination from your list by any means.
  • Dubai museums are the beautiful dubai tradition filled where you can have a great view on the old dubai traditions, cultures , the arts and painting of Arabs etc It would be a good destination for the traditional lovers to know about the dubai history.
  • The each towers and buildings are unique at dubai The infinity tower, burj al arab and the famous burj khalifa are some of the notable towers at dubai which everyone must visit They all differs in the design and shape. These are the stunning towers of dubai where you can have a great view of the entire city.
  • Desert safari in dubai is the most alluring spot where you can enjoy having safaris in the desert enjoying the calm and quiet desert beauty. This would be the great spot for everyone who is fond and curious about the desert views and life. It would be perfect if you can stay here at the desert to enjoy the overnight safaris also. This would be an unforgettable experience in your life enjoying your day at desert entertained with treks, rides, games, photo sessions, belly dance, BBQ dinner, amazing views and more. The camping here would also be something to thrill and enjoy. Have a great desert safari enjoying your day having fun. Click here to get more info about desert safari dubai.

Enjoy your days at dubai visiting the best and ever beauty spots which you will definitely love The shopping malls, souks are the other two spots targeted for the shopping lovers. You will get the things at cheap or reasonable costs that you really get attracted here.

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