Dubai desert safari is the most famous one amongst all the safari tours in the entire world. There are multiple companies that offer extremely comfortable and affordable safari programs to the tourists. The safari is an exquisite and thrilling experience. People have time of their lives and take unforgettable moments with them back home. Dubai desert safari is dealt by professionals and highly experienced teams. They offer different timings of visits viz; the morning desert safari and evening desert safari, you may also stay a night or a few. The teams provide services from pick to drop off and all the way throughout the trip.

Morning dessert safari:

The team picks you up in a four wheeler from your hotel. The pickup is at 10 in the morning and drop off at 3-4 pm in evening. The trip start with a hour drive and then a stay of half an hour fro desert bike riding. The real fun resides in the time between the pickup and drop off. After the stay the crew moves to the dessert and the team offers dune bashing, sandboarding and bike riding, sunset photography. In the desert they offer camping, photos with a falcon, they welcome you with traditional drinks like ghawa and soft drinks, shisha, even alcoholic drinks, dates, teas etc. They have camels for riding and for ladies they have heena painting. The entire experience the nothing like any other trip.

Evening dessert safari:

For the evening desert safari the timings are from3-4 pm onwards. If you want to come back they can drop you off at 9-9:30 pm but if you want to camp there and stay the night you are more than welcome to do so. A company’s ride picks you up from your hotel and takes you to bike riding first then they take you to the dessert. The evening safari is even more fun as apart from the activities like dune bashing, sandboarding, falcon photography, and camel riding etc. the evening safari includes luscious dinner with BBQ, the dinner is suitable for both vegetarianand non-vegetarian people. There is also belly dancing by beautiful female dancers, the show is renewed every night. There are also activities like Tanura and Halla dances and puppet shows for kids. They have an exquisite form of shisha that is called the Hookah. The camps are traditional Arabian Bedouin style.


Due to the extreme heat of dessert you have to take a lot of precautions. You have to wear loose fitted and thin clothing, which are either yours own or the team provides them. Try not take toddlers with you, if so than keep them hydrated. Also keep yourself hydrated the team has unlimited supply of pure and clean water for just you.Keep your cameras along with you to save your memorable moments side by side. The sunset photography is also classic so you are going to need a camera for that. Also keep your skin moisturized by applying sunscreens and sun blocks to avoid sunburns. Pregnant women must not go for sandboarding and dune bashing and they must avoid bumpy rides.

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