Of course no visit to Dubai may be complete without entering the desert

Of course no visit to Dubai may be complete without entering the desert, offering you a design of the true heartland of Arabia, our safari trip takes you directly into the center of the desert, and the location colossal sand dunes await eagerly to check the will and the strength of this intrepid traveler, it’s here you will have the joy of dune bashing, pause to gain from this excellent view of this classic desert with infinite borders extending through the horizon as you see the sun set over this tranquil isolation.

Standard Arabian Meal

The standard Arabian meal serves as an add-on which provides completeness into the desert encounter. This clarifies why Bedouin tribes have effectively navigated desert summers for centuries -to the extent that lots of locals still prefer to pitch tent in the desert anytime when they get a chance.

Adventure Safari

Once you complete your adventure safari then going again to your chosen resort / place. ♦ Pregnant women, people with again issues, senior citizens with center conditions shouldn’t really helpful to choose Dune Bushing / Desert Safari. Just because you’re seeing in summer does not imply you have to lose out with this quintessential Dubai encounter.
Some Safari firms have their very own decks however appeal to enormous quantities of guests, sometimes as big as 500-600 visitors daily. Removed from a demanding and ready teenager, the 21st century Arabian desert experience is reasonably lavish.

The desert safari

The desert safari is unique because it is helpful to profit from the genuine fashion of desert lifestyle with adventuresome sports actions and traditional campsite mood. We give you VIP Pleasure and Journey experience of desert safari compared to some other everywhere else.
Get fast responses from Desert Safari Dubai personnel and previous visitors. If you are adventure fan subsequently the 1st choice of Journey in Dubai is Dubai Desert Safari with a complete live performances arrangement, BBQ & additional action are clubbed with out paying extra cost. We at Rikks Desert safari provide you with the best adventure of this legacy, perks of the deserts and dusks of this arabian panorama.

Platinum Heritage

A Desert Safari Dubai is undoubtedly the favored vacationer action that Dubai has to provide its guests. Platinum Heritage gives lavish safaris through the summertime, using a spread of additional perks like star-gazing inside the desert, also Iftar safaris in the duration of the month of Ramadan.

We treat you as VIP, Dubai design, as you explore the deserts, oases and undulating panorama of the Dubai desert along with your buddies and your nearest and dearest, get Dubai and sharjah select and fall in reduced cost.
Dubai Desert Safari is your mainstream and vacationer magnet in Dubai, that has been toured from the countless tourist annual. Among the highlights of your move into the UAE is seeing the Dubai Desert Safari. Hi, we did not stay overnight we did the day desert safari which took approx 7 hours. Since we take difficulties a step farther to build connections with our customers, it is no little surprise that we are frequently known among the prime desert safari companies in Dubai.

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