Dubai desert safari is the most famous one amongst all the safari tours in the entire world. There are multiple companies that offer extremely comfortable and affordable safari programs to the tourists. The safari is an exquisite and thrilling experience. People have time of their lives and take unforgettable moments with them back home. Dubai desert safari is dealt by professionals and highly experienced teams. They offer different timings of visits viz; the morning desert safari and evening desert safari, you may also stay a night or a few. The teams provide services from pick to drop off and all the way throughout the trip.

Morning dessert safari:

The team picks you up in a four wheeler from your hotel. The pickup is at 10 in the morning and drop off at 3-4 pm in evening. The trip start with a hour drive and then a stay of half an hour fro desert bike riding. The real fun resides in the time between the pickup and drop off. After the stay the crew moves to the dessert and the team offers dune bashing, sandboarding and bike riding, sunset photography. In the desert they offer camping, photos with a falcon, they welcome you with traditional drinks like ghawa and soft drinks, shisha, even alcoholic drinks, dates, teas etc. They have camels for riding and for ladies they have heena painting. The entire experience the nothing like any other trip.

Evening dessert safari:

For the evening desert safari the timings are from3-4 pm onwards. If you want to come back they can drop you off at 9-9:30 pm but if you want to camp there and stay the night you are more than welcome to do so. A company’s ride picks you up from your hotel and takes you to bike riding first then they take you to the dessert. The evening safari is even more fun as apart from the activities like dune bashing, sandboarding, falcon photography, and camel riding etc. the evening safari includes luscious dinner with BBQ, the dinner is suitable for both vegetarianand non-vegetarian people. There is also belly dancing by beautiful female dancers, the show is renewed every night. There are also activities like Tanura and Halla dances and puppet shows for kids. They have an exquisite form of shisha that is called the Hookah. The camps are traditional Arabian Bedouin style.


Due to the extreme heat of dessert you have to take a lot of precautions. You have to wear loose fitted and thin clothing, which are either yours own or the team provides them. Try not take toddlers with you, if so than keep them hydrated. Also keep yourself hydrated the team has unlimited supply of pure and clean water for just you.Keep your cameras along with you to save your memorable moments side by side. The sunset photography is also classic so you are going to need a camera for that. Also keep your skin moisturized by applying sunscreens and sun blocks to avoid sunburns. Pregnant women must not go for sandboarding and dune bashing and they must avoid bumpy rides.

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Dubai is a perfect paradise of wonders. It is one of the central emirates of UAE with all accessibility. This is a great destination to see lots of beautiful things and the tourist corner of attractions are lot here. Dubai ahs now completely made to a man mad wonders still you can see the natural beauty of old dubai in bastakia. There are also other nature filled beauties at dubai like beaches, mountains, hilltops, deserts, forests and more where you can explore. This would be a great destination for you to enjoy the modern as well as the natural aspects. This would be an amazing destination for kids too to spend their time outing and playing at parks, visiting zoos and enjoying rides at water parks. If you are being once to dubai, you will really make your second visit soon, that much you will be attracted to this awesome destination.

Spots to explore:

  • Palm Island at dubai would be a great spot which you would really astonished to see the beauty creation of man. The islands are constructed in such a way that you will really fell in love with its beauty. The seven islands make the palm island and it is one of the wonderful destinations to visit, enjoy and explore. Never ignore this destination from your list by any means.
  • Dubai museums are the beautiful dubai tradition filled where you can have a great view on the old dubai traditions, cultures , the arts and painting of Arabs etc It would be a good destination for the traditional lovers to know about the dubai history.
  • The each towers and buildings are unique at dubai The infinity tower, burj al arab and the famous burj khalifa are some of the notable towers at dubai which everyone must visit They all differs in the design and shape. These are the stunning towers of dubai where you can have a great view of the entire city.
  • Desert safari in dubai is the most alluring spot where you can enjoy having safaris in the desert enjoying the calm and quiet desert beauty. This would be the great spot for everyone who is fond and curious about the desert views and life. It would be perfect if you can stay here at the desert to enjoy the overnight safaris also. This would be an unforgettable experience in your life enjoying your day at desert entertained with treks, rides, games, photo sessions, belly dance, BBQ dinner, amazing views and more. The camping here would also be something to thrill and enjoy. Have a great desert safari enjoying your day having fun. Click here to get more info about desert safari dubai.

Enjoy your days at dubai visiting the best and ever beauty spots which you will definitely love The shopping malls, souks are the other two spots targeted for the shopping lovers. You will get the things at cheap or reasonable costs that you really get attracted here.

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Having journeys to some exiting destinations are something what we love right? Choosing a right and best destination is extremely important in making your trip special and exciting. Always for a good research about a destination in knowing the famous spots you can visit there. Choose great destinations like UAE where you can make use of your vacation in a best way as you dream of! UAE is best for the great spots that are so much attracted to tourists. Abu dhabi which is the capital of UAE is famous for sheikh zayed grand mosque where all visitors have a great experience and recommend this wonderful sightseeing to all others. This mosque is most beautiful one with its tiling and glass works. Non Muslims have also entry to this spot. If you are a mountain lover then obviously rasal khiama in dubai is a great location for you to have a great day in hajar mountains which si every beautiful in making your day trip special with its desert. Dayah fort and museum are also some of the special spots in rasal khaima which can definitely give you the amazing experience.

For adventure lovers:

Adventures are which most of you all like and enjoying your journeys with some adventurous rides and games would be very thrilling one. Sky diving, scuba diving, air ballooning, parasailing, water skiing, speed boating, fishing etc are some of the best activities you can do at UAE. Water sport activities can really make your trip entertained.  You can try out these excellent activities at UAE. Some of the famous water pars at UAE are the Iceland water park, aquaventure, wild wadi which can give you some of the excellent rides and water slides that are thrilling. Spending time at water parks are really worth in giving you and your family a great experience. Mountains are also something adventurous if you can have an off road journey as hatta mountain safari tour viewing the beauty of mountains with its colorful rock formations. Make your mountain journeys through the travel agents so that you can have a safe and relaxed journey with them exploring the mountain beauty clicking pictures and more. Choose great travel agents like who can make out the mountain tour a great one.

The desert fantasy

Desert rides are something which person of any age loves! The fantasies of desert life are very beautiful in making your day filled with great activities and games. Enjoying a camel safari in the desert is also a great way to explore the desert beauty. You can click out photographs picturing the beauty of desert. Desert safari dubai can be easily possible now making your bookings through the agencies where they can guide you planning up the day to spend at desert. You can now easily search for such agencies like.

Making each and every moment at UAE lies in how you spend it! There is no way that you get bored with since it has got such huge attractions.

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Dubai – House of Top Class Electronics

Dubai, as we all know, is a beautiful city in the UAE. Known as the city of gold and sometimes also as the city of wonders, Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Each year, people from around the world visit Dubai for different reasons. Some people visit for holidays, some go for employment, while a lot of people go for shopping electronics items.

All the electronics available in Dubai have incredibly low prices. This is because of the open port policy of the country. Items particularly electronics are not taxed in the country. Whether you are looking for a computer, laptop, tablet, iPad, radio, home theatre system, or any other device, you can find it at amazingly lower prices. All these items are also backed by a warranty so you can file a claim for any fault or damage.

Dubai is also known for hosting Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX). If you want to buy electronics at even lower prices or for free, you should attend this festival. This is an annual festival that lasts for a week and attracts the biggest brands in the IT world. There is something for everyone in this festival. Even the electronics from top brands are available at affordable prices. Some lucky draws also take place in this festival.

For those who have missed this exhibition, Al Fahidi Street in Bur Dubai has electronics at low prices. However, they offer local warranty only. You have to ask for international warranty when making a purchase.

Dubai is emerging as the house of top class electronics. It is becoming the most preferred choice for electronics. Newly married couples love visiting Dubai for holidays as well as shopping for electronics. However, you may have to pay some additional freight charges and customs duties in your country if you take the items with you. These charges depend on the country you belong to. These charges also do not affect the prices as much. The total cost still remains low as compared to buying the items in your own country.

If you are planning to buy some electronics for your home, consider visiting Dubai. Besides just shopping, you can enjoy your time in the city of wonders. You can take tons of memories with you along with the electronics.

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Cummins Generators for Sale in Pakistan

When it comes to generators, there may be many options but if you talk about quality, nothing can beat Cummins. Cummins generators are one of the best generators currently available in the market. The best thing about these generators is that they use engines made by Perkins to enhance the output. Cummins is the name of superior quality and increased output. These generators are serving in different sectors like banking, telecom, mining, educational institutes, supermarkets and others.

Cummins generator sales in Pakistan are growing in number – thanks to the quality of this brand. These generators are capable to generate more power in less consumption of diesel. Cummins generators are very durable and can last for a longer period of time if proper maintenance and overhauling is performed regularly.

Some of the best qualities of Cummins Generators are:

  • High Quality
  • Stability
  • Increased Power Output Range
  • Durability

Besides these qualities, Cummins generators have a long life and their lifespan covers several years. In times of energy crises, these generators can be relied upon. Unlike other brands, the spare parts of Cummins generators are easily available. These generators are also backed by a warranty which give the users enough satisfaction.

If you are looking to buy Cummins generators for your workplace and homes, you should go to website. Generator Express is a leading name when it comes to providing generators of top brands. They are offering the best quality of generators at the most competitive prices with complete warranty and after sale services. All the models of Cummins generators, in different sizes and capacities, can be purchased from Generator Express.

Having Cummins, you can easily cope with energy problems without incurring any loss. No matter what sector you are working in, if you cannot find a way to tackle power crises, you cannot earn a profit. Cummins is providing you with the best opportunity to cope with energy problems and take your business to new heights. These generators can also be used for residential purposes. If you want to know more about the models offered by Cummins Generators, go to website. You can also get a free quote as well about the prices and if you have any queries, you can contact them.

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5 Best Health and Fitness Tips

Looking for health and fitness tips? No need to look further, we have compiled a list of health and fitness tips. The saying is true, health is wealth. Without health you cannot achieve anything, it can destroy your life. So take a look at the tips and integrate them into your daily life.

Balanced Diet

Food is a basic necessity for your body as it needs nutrients in order to operate properly. You must consume a diet that contains all the nutrients like:

  • Proteins
  • Vitamins
  • Iron
  • Carbohydrates

Eating vegetables, fruits, meat, pulses in the right quantity is very important.

Sleeping Habit

In order to stay fit and healthy, you must pay attention to your sleeping habits. A good night’s sleep is imperative for your body. If there are any disturbances in your schedule, it results in a lot of problems. If you don’t get the proper sleep your body won’t function properly and cause various disorders like:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Heart diseases.

Moreover, the sleeping hours varies from children to adults. For a child, 8 hours of sleep is necessary whereas for adults 6 hours of sleep is enough.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is a healthy habit. Water is a key component for the functioning of your body. There is no fixed amount of water that you should drink. It basically depends on your lifestyle. It is believed that you must nearly drink a gallon of water on daily basis to stay fit. Lack of water can lead to several problems like

  • Fatigue
  • Premature aging
  • Digestive disorders
  • High cholesterol.

Be Active

It is very important to be active to stay healthy. Exercises help in boosting your metabolism and burn more fats. You don’t have to hit the gym, if you walk daily it is more than enough. It is recommended to walk at least 2 miles regularly.  Walking is considered as the best exercise because it helps in:

  • Maintaining proper functions of internal organs
  • Weight reduction
  • Proper digestion
  • Maintaining heart health
  • Refreshing your mind.

Participating in Sports

Sports is an easy and best way to achieve a healthy body. Sports can be of any kind, it must exert you mentally and physically. Indoor games like snooker or chess are good for your mental health. You can participate in sports like:

  • Archery
  • Swimming
  • Horseback riding
  • Tennis

These outdoor sports will cause physical exertion. Choosing the type of sport you should paly depends on your interest and physique.

Staying healthy and fit is the most precious thing for everyone. Not being healthy and fit can have disastrous consequence. You must do whatever it takes to stay fit.

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Best Attractions in Canada

Planning your trip to Canada? Don’t know what to do in Canada? Don’t worry, we are here to help you. Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The land is filled with natural beauty from rugged mountains to glaciers to the forest. Whether you are going for river rafting or live theater, Canada will not disappoint you.

Take a list of the top attractions in Canada.

The Bay of Fundy

A great tourist attraction in Canada is the Bay of Fundy. It is situated on the Atlantic coast and is popular for its high tidal waves. You can watch the waves from the Hopewell Rocks. It is a number of sandstone towers that are topped by the trees.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is 3 waterfalls that are on the border of Canada and the US. Horseshoe Fall is the largest of them and is on the Canadian side. More than 20 million of people visit Niagara Falls. Most of the people love to take a boat ride on the Maid of the Mist. It is the oldest attraction of the Niagara Falls.

Old Quebec

Another great attraction is the old district in Quebec City, Vieux-Quebec. There are many small boutiques that attract the tourist. Along with this, there are many historical points of interests. The Gibraltar of the Americas is a must visit the place. The reason is its location, it overlooks the St. Lawrence River.

Moraine Lake

The lake in Banff National Park is one of the most photographed places in Canada. It is the glacier-fed lake that is surrounded by mountains. The Moraine Lake is situated in the Valley of Ten Peaks at the elevation of 1,885 meters.


Churchill is a small town in the province, Manitoba. This place draws the attention of many tourists because of the famous polar bears. It is called the ‘Polar Bear Capital of the World’. Some other things that people love to see are birds, beluga whale, and aurora borealis.

Athabasca Falls

One of the largest Rocky Mountain Parks of Canada is Jasper National Park. It is located in the Alberta province and has broad valleys, glaciers, alpine meadows and rugged mountains. There is Athabasca Falls that is one of the top tourist spots. It is a gorgeous waterfall that flows through a narrow gorge. There are many picturesque scenes around the Falls.

Therefore, book you flight and visit Canada this vacation. You can capture some precious moments along with the scenic beauty of Canada.

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